check my pc specs online

How to Check My PC specs 

What are my PC hardware specifications? How Can I Check My PC’s Specs?

If you have a laptop and want to learn more about the configuration of your computer. Check out the following guide.

Check My PC specs

Check my pc specs for windows 10 and 11:

 Follow the given steps to Check your PC specifications on Windows 10 and 11

  1. Go to the “start menu” button
  2. Click on the “settings”
  3. You will be able to see a setting menu on the screen
  4. Now select System and scroll to the left side of the navigation pane to click “About”.
  5. A new screen will appear with all the specs of your processor, Memory (RAM), Windows version, and other system information.

Check my pc specs for windows 7:

To check your PC specs on windows 7 from the desktop

  1. Find the icon “My Computer” or “My PC” appearing on the desktop
  2. Click right on the icon and select “properties”.
  3. You will see a new window summarizing all your PC’s hardware specifications including processor, Memory (RAM), Windows version, and System information.

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