Configure IDM Extension For Chrome

How To Configure IDM Extension For Chrome?

Are you still unable to add IDM Extension for chrome and looking for the right guide about how to configure IDM Extension for chrome? 

This is because the Internet Download Manager extension is not available on Google Store and you might be messing up with duplicate extensions so far. It has been announced on the official IDM website that the extension will be added to your chrome once you install the IDM app. In order to configure IDM for Chrome, you must take a few steps.

In the worst scenario, if the extension doesn’t install then you can install IDM Integration Module

Step by Step Guide On How To Configure IDM Extension For Chrome?

You can use this guide to configure IDM in Chrome. Follow the below guide correctly. Before starting you’ve to download  IDM Integration Module on your PC.

  1. Open Chrome homepage
  2. Click the three dots in the top right corner.
  3. Click on the More tools
  4. Click on Extensions 
  5. Click on details. 

The IDM Integration Module extension settings will open. Here you’ve to do the following changes. 

  1. Enable the extension from a toggle button. 
  2. In the Site access option change the settings to “On all sites”.
  3. If you want to use IDM in an incognito window, click on the button to “Allow in Incognito.”

Congratulation, you’re all set. 

People Also Ask

How to add IDM extension in Chrome 2022?

  1. Search Internet Download Manager in Chrome
  2. Click on download 
  3. Install IDM in your system. 
  4. Your Chrome will automatically be updated with the IDM extension.
  5. Go to extension settings > click on IDM extension > Enable it > Change setting to “On all sites”

Why is IDM not working in Chrome 2022?

  1. Update the IDM to the Latest Version.
  2. Go to IDM General settings.
  3. Click on “Use Advanced Browser Integration” and select Google Chrome.
  4. Click, OK. 
  5. Your IDM extension will start working on Chrome.


So this was the easiest process for how configuring the IDM extension for chrome. I’m pretty much sure that after following these steps you can use IDM for downloading videos from Chrome. Please, ensure that you download IDM from their official website otherwise the method will not work. 

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