Best SEO Tools to Help Analyze Traffic, Performance, and Drive Sales

Digital marketing is conquering the digital world like never before. In the past, we used to have traditional methods of advertising products and services. For instance, if a brand intended to launch a new product, mostly we would see billboards, TV ads, and newspaper classifieds to know what’s going to come

However, things turned around 180 degrees when Google and other search engines were used to promote businesses, new product launches, and much more. Without Search Engine Optimization, it would not have been possible. 

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It is now time to have a look at the best SEO tools in 2022 to help you analyze traffic, increase sales and conversion, and improve your website. Let’s begin. 

Google Analytics 

Starting your website from scratch takes a toll. At the start, you might not have enough money to afford tools like Ahrefs and Semrush. But Google helps you to start your journey without paying a dime. 

Google Analytics offers detailed information about your website’s traffic, bounce rate, user flow, demographics, devices used to access your website, and much more. If you have a WordPress website, all you need to do is install the Google Analytics plugin. Paste the code in the required field and start tracking your website’s performance. You can never ignore Google Analytics for a detailed overview of the website, even if SEMRush and Ahrefs are available at your disposal. 

Google Search Console 

Google Search Console is another great tool offered free by Google. The tool helps you extract reports and analyze your site’s traffic and performance. The tools also inform you about any website errors that might hinder you from ranking on Google’s top results. 

The tool also helps you analyze which queries are bringing visitors to your website. You can optimize your website better by utilizing these queries. All you need to do is submit your website on Google Search Console and verify your property. 


SEMRush and Ahrefs are simply awesome with the features they provide. But when it comes to price, you can’t afford to pay a monthly fee, which is more than $100 per month. If you have been looking for something free also affordable, Ubersuggest helps you to grow your website and rank better on Google. Driving sales, keeping an eye on competitors’ content, and leveraging content ideas with Ubersuggest. 

Ubsersuggest also helps you analyze paid and search difficulty so that you can have a clear picture of how quickly you can rank your website. The tool is free to use for limited searches. But if you want to get premium features and do more searches then this tool will cost you $29.99 per month, which is way more affordable than SEMRush and Ahrefs. 


Moz is also a well-renowned name among SEO professionals. It should be because it provides everything from keyword difficulty, keyword gaps, and much more all in one place. MozBar is an extension that you could download on your Chrome or Firefox browser. 

Apart from telling you the DA, and PA of the website, the bar also helps you to see link data, page attributes, and page elements. For instance, if you want to know what particular website uses for its meta title and description, you can simply install MozBar. Give it a try, but be careful because you will be offered only limited searches in a month. 

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a great tool not only for SEO analysts but also for content marketers. The tool is great for extracting keywords by entering the seed keyword. Wait for the tool to load all the data and bang. You will get all the search queries against your seed keyword. For instance, if you are making a website on the best laptops, just type in the keyword, and Answer The Public will display results all categorized in alphabetical order. 

You will get all the keywords including questions being asked frequently by people on Google. Especially, if you are going to write frequently asked questions on your website, this tool is the best to use. 

Summing Up

If you thinking of running a website, it will take time. Unless you have good luck and hit the top position – otherwise it takes a lot of patience and persistence. In the beginning, you can check out free tools to help you analyze the performance of your website. The aforementioned tools are mostly free to use and will help you, in the beginning, to stay within budget. 

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